Day 9 – Inspiring Person AND Day 10 – Nature

Ugh, been stuck in day 9 – Inspiring Person – seems everyone I’m following in this challenge is inspired by their parents. I guess on some level I am inspired by my parents in some way… but ja, I don’t know. So I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and I’m just stumped. So i’m skipping it :p

So, upwards and onwards… Day 10 – Nature.
I took this with my phone, yay for a semi decent camera on my phone :p

and then, since i skipped the previous day, I’m going to add this pic too, it fits into the nature theme… and it is a step in the right direction to one of my items on my Bucketlist … “Grow and Maintain a Herb Garden” …
this is the rocket i bought as a teeny little plant at Pick n Pay about a month ago… it has EXPLODED with the rain… loving fresh rocket in salad every day!

Day 8 – Favourite Colour

I have always loved blue… particularly brighter turquoise-y, aqua shades… however, I am going through a “phase” of hot pink. I say “phase” in inverted commas because this “phase” has been going on for a good few years… and I normally grow out of phases long before that!

So, I really couldn’t pick ONE favourite colour.. so here are two of my favourite things, in my two favourite colours…:

Blue bedroom wall mural, and hot pink petticoat of my wedding dress.

Oh, and i decided to do two colours as the last 3 photos I posted were incredibly dull!

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Day 7 – Something Funny

Walked into the bedroom on Saturday morning after the four of us had been on a 4km charity walk… to see my two favourite boys sprawled across the bed… I thought it was funny :p


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Day 6 – Books

Thought I’d go New School on this one :p

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Just popping in, between photo posts, to let you know I have added a page with my Bucketlist… to be edited as time goes by. Currently, I have 10 items on it, and one has recently been ticked off! :)

Hope to get a few more ticked off in the next 10 years or so :p


Day 5 – Morning Sky

Happy summer sky in Sunny South Africa… um no.


Bit rainy lately!

This is pretty much the view out my office window, to the left. If I swivel my head around almost completely.


What a contrast to the previous photo!



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Day 4 – Leaves

I took this pic on Friday…
its a shrub in our neighbours garden but it peeps over our wall – its such a bright colour, and against the blue summer sky on Friday, I couldn’t resist

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Day 3 – Happiness

Ugh, am running so behind on this challenge…


I took this photo last weekend – we were at the mall, and I popped into the MTN store to see whn I could upgrade, and the dude said I could do it then and there! Woot!! And they had a phone for me too! Double woot!!


A new BB made me really happy! My 2 year old Curve was giving up the ghost – freezing once a week at least, and I had to charge it twice a day (even though I hardly make/receive actual phone calls!), the camera was crappy… I had been using Peter’s Torch for the last few weeks, and I hate slide phones, and I’m really not so fond of touch phones… so the Torch was TOTALLY not doing it for me…

so, ja, HAPPINESS >>


oh… aaaaaand the camera on this phone is halfway decent, so I can possibly continue this challenge using my phone :D extra happiness!


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Day 2 – Smile

The beagles like to fall asleep upside down on the couch… and sometimes their floppy lips flap open and show their pearly whites…
Oscar demonstrates:

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Day 1 – Favourite Food

So, after just having a bitch on Twitter about fat people… my photo from yesterday is a milkshake *blush*

From M&B … They have a section of milkshakes called “Have your Cake and eat It” … and have flavours like lemon meringue and peppermint crisp tart etc… I decided to try the Chocolate Pecan Brownie one… pretty yummy!


*note: I have way too many favourite foods, if I waited for the “right moment” i would NEVER get this challenge started!*


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