Mosaic Me

Found this meme on Seize The Chocolate and decided to play along…

How it works:

Image search for each item in the list below, whack all the images together and see if anyone can guess which image goes with which item on the list :p


I also used Mosaic Maker :)


  1.     First name?
  2.     Favourite food?
  3.     Which high school did you go to?
  4.     Favourite colour?
  5.     Celebrity crush?
  6.     Favourite drink?
  7.     Dream vacation?
  8.     Favourite dessert?
  9.     What did you want to be when you grow up?
  10.     What do you love most in life?
  11.     What is one word that describes you?
  12.     What is your blog name?





#SewingClub – 1

I can’t remember exactly how it all went down, but between Twitter and Tamiya and I – we decided to set up a #SewingClub… Like bookclub, but for sewing… meetup once a month, sew all day. Swap tips, ideas, patterns etc…

Anyway, so we had our first one this month! i was SO EXCITED! Tamiya lent me a pattern of hers which she said was quite easy and had a few techniques that were valuable to know… she sent me the fabric requirements for the bag and I went to buy everything I needed.


I arrived at her place at around 9am, we had a cuppa tea and a muffin, chatted a bit and then got set up. I’ve never worked off a pattern before, so it took me a fair amount of brain power to figure it out… but I am so pleased :)

I didn’t take any pictures during the actual process (was too busy and my phone was giving me crap that day!)…


but the end product is a fully lined denim bag, with a zipped pocket on the inside.



Am so chuffed and will definitely be making another one or two of these!! The lining material is very thin and slippery which made it difficult to work with, i’ll use a more cotton type material next time. I also think I’ll leave off the bow… I’m not a hug fan of bows. the bag has darts, a box pleat and a zip… which i managed to do all of without too many hassles (the zip was the worst, but i think only coz it was sewn onto the lining I struggled with).


Does #SewingClub sound like fun? Well, we have a FB page setup… join us!

From shirt to pillow!

Remeber I got a sewing machine for my birthday?

Well, I’ve been sewing up a storm., Mostly polar fleece doggy blankies :p

Then I did a ridiculous little polar fleece hat.

And I decided it was time for something a bit more useful and a bit more challenging.


I decided to use an old shirt of Peter’s and turn it into a pillowcase!






Measure against existing manky old pillowcase. I drew lines with a pen, coz I don’t know much better :p hehehe!


Cut out front and back… buttons from shirt nicely in the centre (Mrs Venter)


I bought this frilly trim I wanted to add… I measured it, added some extra for the gathering bit


Pinned it on, and tried to be as neat as possible (first real project ever! bear with me here :p)


Stitched it on the front piece, put the back and front pieces together (right sides together :p) and stitched it up on the inside. You know how you are meant to leave a piece open, to turn the whole thing inside out, and then go back and top stitch on the outside to close the hole? Ja, well, this pillowcase has buttons remember, so I sewed all the round, no need to leave an open piece!


All sewed up… those tight little zigzags? I call it “pretend overlocking” (bet you can’t tell I’m self taught hey! haha!


trim off the tatty edgenes close to my “pretend overlocking” so it looks more like proper overlocking.


Unbutton and turn inside out, rebutton, and voila! cute little cushion!! I am ridiculously proud! PS you can use the pocket to put the TV remotes in :p or a pen for your crossword.



Stay tuned for more of my sewing adventures!

What happened to the Kitchen Wall

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember I was thinking about doing something cool to a wall in the kitchen?


well, i did!

I painted the tiles with primer (2 coats) …

then I painted white over that (also 2 coats of some or other white paint the dude at Builders Warehouse said to use)

Then it dried for a day or two.

Then masking tape and I became one, and I sectioned off 7 tiles that I was going to paint with blackboard paint…

and I did!


Now we have a 7 day plan right up in the kitchen.


the clock above is a gift from The Goose and The Ginger.

The chick at 4:00 came with the frame, we decided to keep her and call her Harriet… no one has asked us who she is :p



Remember the worst day ever?

Remember that day I went to visit my friend with the 4 week old baby?

And, like 7km from her house I happened to look at my dashboard and my temperature gauge was almost all the way at HOT?


And I stopped in the middle of a 4-lane road, and whipped my hazards on? Remember that? And I had to get around the corner to a quiet road to figure it out. I called Peter (who doesn;t know much about cars!) and then i drove round the corner to a petrol station. They opened the water thingy and it was just bubbling and boiling and steam. Remember how I sat there for about an hour while they poured cold water all over the engine, and eventually the temp gauge went back down to halfway. They told me it’d be fine. I phoned my dad and he said it should be fine too.


Remember how I then very gingerly pulled away, watching the dial so carefully… only to see it shoot back up, as I was about 600m away. So I called Peter again. And he came to save me.

except that…

he has never towed someone before. And I hate being towed. Remember how he carefully attached our cars together with this short towrope. You know how, when you are being towed, and your car is on, but not all the way on… and your brakes are all hard, and don’t work so well…. ja.

remember when he was towing me, on the highway, going much faster than I was comfortable with? And that effing truck pulled in front of him? Remember how he slammed on brakes? remember how I tried to slam on brakes? and they were hard and they didn’t work. remember seeing his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car filling up my entire view? In that split second I thought: If I don’t do something, I am going to crash into his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car… and there will be damage to his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car, and damage to my car. And probably physical damage on some scale to both him and to me. I have to do *something* So I pulled up the handbrake. And there was a grinding noise. And hooting. And the towrope snapped. And I pulled over and shook like a leaf and cried and shook and cried and shook… His car was fine, he was fine, I was “fine” and my car was… well, i didn’t really know.

remember that?

And remember how he walked towards me, and i was so scared. and i told him i couldn’t do it anymore. i just couldn’t. So we swapped cars. And I drove to the next offramp to the garage to wait for him. Remember how he left his phone in his car, and didn’t have it on him. And how I got the garage, and he didn’t come. and he didn’t come. ….. and he didn’t come. And I couldn’t call him, coz his phone was lying on the seat next to me. Remember all the awful thoughts that ran thru my head? How much could’ve happened between London road and Marlboro road? So much… and he didn’t come.

And then he came!

Remember how I called dad in flat panic saying I was useless and couldn’t do anything. We expected him to come and tow my car home. But he just came to pick me up. Just me. Remember how he hugged me and told me it’ll be ok?

And we left my poor little car at that petrol station overnight and my dad drove me back to his place to drop himself off, so I could take his car. Remember how my mom hugged me. And how I broke down and cried and cried in their kitchen telling them what happened. Remember how dad got all uncomfortable and kept looking at his feet shuffling.

And mom kept telling me “Don’t worry, mommy and daddy will fix it” And I kept thinking “What am I going to do when mommy and daddy aren’t around anymore.” I kept thinking about how, just 5 short weeks ago, my 72 year old dad had a heartattack. and how he had heart surgery (again) and spent a week in hospital. I kept thinking about that. And how I know he is not going to be around for all that much longer. Who is going to fix it then??

And I cried some more.

Then I went home.

5 hours after breaking down, I got home.

And I cried myself to sleep.


THAT was the worst day ever.


remember how my friends suggested i try Outsurance to see if towing was part of my cover? It was.

That next day (after a 9am client meeting, and a 10:15 plumber appointment) I went back to the garage, wondering if I would see my car there. Remember how scared I was. so nauseous. shaking. what if it was gone.

It wasn’t. It was there. 4 tyres, 4 windows, 2 windscreens. All in tact.

Remember that call to the insurance. remember how nice Karl was? I told him i needed a towtruck and he asked what happened and if i was ok. Remember how sweet he was. like he really cared. He took my details and organised me a towtruck. Even the towtruck guy phoned me immediately and made sure i was ok, and told me the truck was on its way. Remember that relief?


remember seeing the truck – with the silver signs on the doors. The driver was so kind and helped me drive my car up the ramp. And off we went. To my mechanic. My little car up on that truck, following me. 24 hours after we had broken down.

And then it was over. as quickly as it happened. I was safe, my car was at the mechanics, and all was well.

I wish I had phoned the insurance right off the bat. But I didn’t. I have never had insurance before, and I have never claimed. It didn’t even occur to me.

But now I know. for next time. please dear god, don’t let there be a next time.


Remember the worst day ever? I wish I didn’t


Oh, PS on my old blog, I blogged about the worst day ever there too – which happened on thursday 4 Feb 2010. I think this day was worse. I cried more. And I haven’t even received the bill yet.




Bathroom Makeover!

My bathroom cabinet etc was very manky. A tiny plasticky thing with ugly taps and a plastic basin. A tiny pine medicine cabinet with an A4 sized mirror, and another A4 sized mirror stuck to the wall next to it (double sided tape).

I don’t have a photo, but it wasn’t pretty.

Christmas 2011 i got a new bathroom cabinet and mirror :D Yes, it may sound like a bit of a lame present… but 6 months down the line, and I still love it! And I use it numerous times a day!

the DIY part of sucked balls!!! Holy crap! We will never do such a thing again… handymen to hire are there for a reason!


Anyway… here’s my “new” bathroom… I LOVE IT!!!

Next up, a crystal chandelier! :p hehe



all sorts of pretties on the little glass shelves!… *reflected* pretties, so double the amount!



Homemade advent calendar

So, forever ago, I blogged about the advent calendar I made for Peter for Christmas, and I promised to post pics of it after Christmas was done. Well yes. *blush*

I was cleaning out my phone’s memory card and found a ton of photos of things I wanted to blog about and never got round to :) so I’ll type up a bunch and schedule them out over a couple of days :)


Anyway, back to the advent calendar… This is pretty much originally aimed at kids, but since Peter is a giant kid at heart, I figured he would love it! (I originally found it somewhere on Cat’s blog)


1) Buy a plastic tray thingy from Plasticland and separate into the correct number of compartments (there were 23 compartments here, but one was supersize so I divided it in two with a piece of cardboard.

2) if special days/dates are going to have special presents, number the boxes with dates (eg some of mine were “events” like tea and cake at a coffee shop – which had to be done on a weekend)

3) pop all the presents in the holes! (chocolates, little toys, scrolls with fun things to do)

4) cover the bottom (with wrapping paper)

5) design and print (or just draw) the sheet to go ontop… remember to add extra to stick it down around the edges… Also make sure you measure all the blocks properly so the sheet and the little holes underneath line up properly

6) close the lid, whack on a bow… and wait for 1 December!


I will admit, this was a TON of work! and finding 24 tiny little presents for a grown man WAS quite a challenge!! I didn’t want to do chocolate every day. But yes, it looked great, and it was really fun watching him get all excited every morning. hehe! I will also say though, that I really enjoyed making this project! Not sure I will do it again in a hurry… perhaps I’ll save it for those elusive hypothetical kids :P


How cute is this wind up T-rex!?


There you have it! If you DO decide to try it, I have a few tips: well, mainly just one… DO IT EARLY! Like, start it in September or October… finding these presents is WAY trickier than you think!! and assembling the whole thing nicely takes a pretty long time too :)




I know!

You know that post from a few months ago? The weird headspace one?

I figured it out! I know what I want!!

I want to WANT TO have a baby! Read that carefully… not “I want to have a baby” … “I want to want to have one” … I want to have that urge, that want that need.

*waits patiently for the want*


Found this Meme on Jenty’s blog originally, and it’s been doing the rounds… thought I’d grab it:


Right now, I am so freaking cold i think my fingers and toes are going to fall off!


I’m currently obsessed with sewing projects! and Draw Something.


Cannot live without my microwaveable beanbag i made a week or so ago. I carry it around with me.


I’m reading The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor (on Alida‘s recommendation)


I’m listening to the microwave defrosting my veggie soup for lunch


Favourite place in Joburg Hmmm, i’m not really sure to be honest :(


Favourite place in SA The KZN South Coast… Banana Beach to be precise. Have been on holiday there twice, and my heart aches for that piece of the country.


Favourite place in the world relaxing on a beach anywhere. I loved Mauritius… But like i said above, my heart aches for the KZN South Coast.


I’ve lived in Centurion (Clubview, Eldoraigne), Johannesburg (Bedforview, Midrand) … and Israel for 4 months.


Next up on my bucket list maybe experience a white Christmas? (bucket list here)


The last thing I crossed of my bucket list A pair of name brand jeans! And I also recently got a sewing machine!


I realized I was an adult when my mom stopped getting up in the middle of the night when I woke up to throw up (Sorry for the TMI, but I throw up a lot for no reason)


I realized I’d never be an adult when I asked for a pink unicorn for my 30th birthday! … and squealed with excitement when I got one!


In the movie of my life, I want to be played by Zooey Deschanel!! Absolutely, no questions asked!!


Best invention since the wheel: Cell phones with internet!!


A house is not a home without a bath!


This week I’m crushing on Bree Sharp


I’m currently working on  tons of stuff, including a new website for a client… hot pink and lime green! yay!


I’m really proud of my pillow I made out of an old shirt of Peter’s! Like, REALLY PROUD!!!


You’d be amazed if I showed you my huge collection of scarves!


I cannot survive winter without microwave beanbag, leggings under jeans, fingerless gloves, a scarf every single day, HotHotHot baths, soup, tea.


Signature dish no clue. Maybe I’ll say homemade pasta… its a fun thing to do with friends.


Guilty pleasure long hot baths, and watching Peter cook dinner from the comfort of the couch (I feel IMMENSE guilt when he cooks and I do nothing!)


When no-one’s looking, I pick. My nails, ingrown hairs, pimples. Ugh, I know.


In my next life I want to be in an all-girl punk rock band. I want to wear fishnet stockings and sneakers and have brightly coloured hair. Or i’d like to be a cat… either or, I’m not fussy :)


Every morning, my lovely husband brings me tea and a rusk in bed <3


I believe that people who physically ENJOY winter are mental.


I’ve really got to work on my posture while sitting at a computer all day. I say that, but I won’t.

Best advice I was ever given  was those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

Can’t get enough of…

At the moment I just can’t get enough of a few things…:

- orange juice

- dark kit kats

- vanilla sponge cake

- vodka.