1. Go on a jetski in the ocean

2. Experience a white Christmas

3. Ride on a horse drawn carriage around Central Park, New York

4. Have a crystal chandelier in my bathroom

5. Have an island Holiday (Zanzibar/Mauritius/Seychelles/Maldives etc) – CHECK – Oct/Nov 2011

6. Own a pair of Levi (or any namebrand) jeans – CHECK – birthday gift “From Oscar”… 2012. Guess Jeans.

7. Have a party with champagne and cupcakes. With loads of beautiful flowers. CHECK!! my 30th Birthday!

8. Grow and maintain a herb garden.

9. Have an enormous bedroom that is big enough for a king size bed, two wingback chairs, a little table and a chest for linen.

10. Holiday in a quaint little stone cottage in the UK somewhere – just like the one Cameron Diaz stays in in the movie The Holiday. Perhaps this and number 2 can be combined!

11. Be whisked away for a romantic surprise weekend away (longer is accepted too!).

12. Stay at The Palace of the Lost City

13. Get a tattoo – CHECK! My birthday April 2010

14. Go on a hot air balloon.

15. Learn to sew. I’ve always always wanted a sewing machine. CHECK!! my 30th Birthday!