I like reading the random “About” pages on other peoples’ blog… soooo

Here are some few random things about me…:

1.       I really like rocket! Especially fresh, on pizza!

2.       Bright hot pink nail polish is my absolute favourite!

3.       I think an engagement ring should be more about the sparkly stone/s than the metal.

4.       I hate having a pedicure. I wish I loved it. Having pretty toes is awesome, but having someone fiddle with my feet freaks me out.

5.       I *love* having my eyebrows done! Waxed and tinted. I have a friend with a beauty salon from home and she does the *best* eyebrows.

6.       i cut my french toast in a very particular way. Corners first, making a smaller diamond shape, then cut off each corner (opposites first), making a smaller square, and so on… which leaves a small square at the end, which i cut into two triangles.

7.       i like my french toast savoury. With melted cheese and tomato sauce on. This grosses some people out, including Peter. He thinks tomato sauce on bread is for poor people, or something.

8.       when i have a cool drink with a straw, i don’t like it when the straw “looks at me” (ie points directly at me)… really bugs me

9.       I normally spit in the sink everytime i wash my hands. This sounds grosser than it is.

10.   i like taking close-up photos of flowers

11.   my first dog’s name was Scampie

12.   I took German as a third language at high school

13.   I Love my iPod

14.   I love my mouse (it is ANCIENT!). Computer mouse, not rodent mouse.

15.   I might be addicted to myprodols

16.   I don’t have a credit card

17.   Scarves make winter bearable.

18.   I bought 3 pairs of leather gloves in London.

19.   I’ve been to: Israel (twice), Turkey (once), USA (twice), Thailand (more times than I care to remember), Singapore (once).  Stopped over in London (once) and Austria (once). 2011 – been to Mauritius.

20.   I was born in the decade of leg-warmers and perms. By the time I was old enough to have any “fashion sense” shoulder pads and electric blue eye-makeup were out of fashion

21.   I grew up in Centurion

22.   My favourite clothing item is a Jean Pant

23.   My favourite food is fillet steak and fried mushrooms. But I also love chicken

24.   No, wait, my favourite food is chocolate.

25.   I like the smell of coffee, but I don’t like to drink it… same story with petrol.

26.   I studied Graphic Design in Pretoria for three years.

27.   I do freelance design now.

28.   I have a serious obsession with Fonts. I dressed up as Font Girl for a superhero party. It was super cool!

29.   I love 5fm and can’t bear to listen to any other radio station.

30.   I get physically upset when I can’t start my mornings with Gareth Cliff

31.   I used to chew my nails all the time… It’s under control now.

32.   I have two Beagles who are the most special people in the world!

33.   I became an auntie when I was 6… I now have 5 nephews.

34.   I totally and completely HATE washing dishes.

35.   My favourite movie is The Wedding Singer, and more recently, Enchanted and The Holiday.

36.   I am one of 4 children

37.   I spent 5 months in Israel after Matric

38.   I think sport is overrated

39.   I am very shy

40.   I call Firefox “Mozilla Gorilla”

41.   I call Adobe Photoshop “Photos Hop”

42.   I love the Harry Potter Book Series!

43.   My dog, Harry, is NOT named after Harry Potter!

44.   My favourite flower is the St Joseph Lily

45.   My next beagle will be a female and I will call her Lily

46.   I have 2 freckles between my toes on my left foot… seriaas!

47.  I think weddings are a waste of money that could be spent better

48.  I love my Blackberry

49.  I get sea sick

50.  There is no such thing as enough sleep.