The Golden Child

My parents have 4 children:

Big Brother – has always lived in Gauteng. Married, spawned, divorced, remarried, spawned. Lives in JHB

Big Sister – Emmigrated from Durban to USA with her South African husband. Separated, got it on with an American dude. No spawn. Lives in USA. Awaiting divorce to go thru.

Middle Sister – Emmigrated from JHB to Israel. Married Isreali dude. Divorced. Got it on with another Israeli. Spawned. Spawned again. Married father of children. Spawned again (not sure of the EXACT order of marriage and spawning – too complicated!). Lives in Israel.

Baby Child – me! – Has always lived in Gauteng. Unmarried and childless.


I am the Laatlammetjie (siblings were 18, 15 and 12 when i was born), so they are now all in their 40′s. They are all successful and stuff. I still feel like i’m finding my feet some most days.


So, yes, the Golden Child. Who would you think it is? If you asked me, I’d guess, either the eldest – he is the first born, and the only boy. Or maybe the youngest – coz she is the baby, and the last one.

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No, the Golden Child in this family is the Middle Sister. The one with 2 marriages under her belt. (not that a failed marriage is uncommon or a bad thing anymore).


My point is this: My folks think the sun shines out of her Israeli Bottom. She can do no wrong. Her kids can do no wrong. She is so amazingly successful! She runs a full time consulting business, she raises her 3 Israeli Terrorists children. She runs the household and the farm/plot they live on. She rides her horse/s. She takes trips to Spain to buy horses for other people. She has an iPhone (my parents think the iPhone is amazing… it has internet on it, and everything!).

In my simple little life, I am never praised for anything I do. I have taken up horse riding again, about 2 years ago – never once have my folks been to my stables, or come to watch me in any of the 5 shows i’ve done. They never even ask how the shows go. The aren’t even interested in seeing photos of me riding. But the Golden Child! “Her horse is so beautiful”… “She rides so beautifully” … “He’s a stallion, you know” … bla bla bla. Yes, she rides better than me. Yes, her horse is better than any horse I have ever even touched… but it did cost about 12 times the amount of any horse I have ever met.


The folks have just come back from visiting my sister – they showed me some photos… They have a dog (jack russell type creature) “This dog is so cute” … “Everyone adores this dog” … “One of the cutest dogs ever” … um, hello! My dogs do a multitude of tricks, from rolling over, giving paw, high-fiving and switching on a light – that’s pretty effing cute if you ask me!



I don’t want to be the golden child, but I wish my family would at least come and watch me ride a bloody horse at least once.

Or maybe, i’m just too sensitive.




*EDIT: don’t misunderstand me here – I don’t dislike my sister or anything! Its my parents that are my issue :) *


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AngelMarch 15th, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Squishes. I can only imagine it must be hard to e so obviously compared to a sibling… What do they say if you invite them to a show or something?

adminMarch 15th, 2011 at 3:25 pm

I invite them every time. they just not interested.

Shows are normally on a sunday morning, and the excuse is “We’re at church”… but spending 3 weeks in israel means no church for three weeks…

meh – i get over it :)

Jeanette VersterMarch 15th, 2011 at 3:59 pm


cat@juggling actAugust 12th, 2011 at 11:04 am

I have one comment on this – sometimes parent favour a kid that they think is their weakest – they raise them up as they think they can not do this themselves. Is this not maybe it?

Hugz sweetie – I’d be your big sister. (the mom stretch is a bit far)

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