In the dog house



It’s no surprise that we love our dogs. Our beagles are our children. They mean the world to us.


The are allowed on the couch.

They sleep inside – in their dog beds, in our bedroom.

They jump on the bed for cuddles in the morning.


But if the time ever comes that our house smells so badly of dog that people are uncomfortable and don’t want to visit us, that is a problem.

If our couches and floors are so full of dog hair, that it actually blows in little clumps when there is a breeze, that is a problem.

If we have to tell people what to do and wear when they come to visit, that is a problem.


I never want people to think our house is the dog’s house. It is a human house. The dogs are second. If my house is ever gross and stinky and dirty because of the dogs, I hope my friends/family will tell me.


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AngelAugust 14th, 2013 at 8:18 am


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