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Ja, so about that “blogging more frequently thing” – ahem. My last blog post alluded to some big exciting news… i can’t remember what that was. So it couldn’t have been that big. Or that exciting. Anyway. Moving swiftly along.


So, after a really long time since i’ve properly blogged, i must’ve been pretty inspired to take up the keyboard again, right? Well, I guess something did inspire me. There seems to be a lot of talk online (and even offline) about skin lately… bad skin. and what to do it turn bad skin into good. I’ve been quietly watching, reading, listening, chatting… I’ve had my fair share of skin problems. I generally don’t talk about really personal stuff on my blog – and in my little Tanya-World, my skin is personal. But i want to share this. If not for others, than at least for myself.

I looked in the mirror today, and smiled at the skin i saw looking back at me… which got me thinking about how i got here…

As a teen, i didn’t have bad skin at all. the odd pimple here and there. Nothing awful. However, my early to mid twenties were a nightmare. from about 23 my skin went horrible. I didn’t do anything different, or change anything, but it was bad. really really bad. Pimply, red, dry, itchy, oily all at once. Sis. makeup didn’t help to hide it, just made it worse. I tried a bunch of stuff, and eventually ended up on roaccutane. for 4 months. WORST 4 MONTHS OF MY LIFE. i view that as my biggest mistake i’ve made. I didn’t want to take it, but i thought i had no other option.

Anyway, it didn’t help.

I documented the journey… here are some pics of my revolting skin in 2006 and 2007.


Gross hey!? I was so miserable.


Now, i can’t say i found a miracle cure… but i think i came close. Between everything and anything i tried… there were 2 turning points… one was going to a homeopath who put me on a super strict diet, and gave me a bunch of pills (mostly to “cleanse my system” type of thing) … and I discovered a range called The Victorian Garden . I’m not sure which played the biggest part in getting me where i am today… But i still use the VG products, and they are phenomenal. And pretty cheap. And proudly South African. And not tested on animals (a biggie for a beagle-hugger like me!). And they work!

My favourite products are:

Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil - sorts pimples and yuckies out quick quick quick… without that awful drying itchy feeling of other pimple-busting rubbish.

Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Night Tissue Serum - i SWEAR this is the reason that, at 31 years old, i don’t have any wrinkles. That and not being a sun-worshipper. But this stuff, is like an overnight facelift. Seriously. Fo’ shizzle. More than worth is weight in gold.

Revitalising Flower Therapy Facial Serum - a big bottle that lasts FOREVER. In winter i put 3 drops in my moisturiser at night, and one drop in the morning. So beautiful. So luxurious. So amazing.

Yes, all those products are OIL. and yes, at first i was freaked out by putting oil on my skin. Even if i had had clear skin it would’ve freaked me out. But now, 6 years later – i can’t imagine my life without these oils.


And i guess they have paid off – as i said, i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today, and i thought of how far i’d come, and the total change that took place right under my nose (well, to the sides of my nose, to be exact). I take my skin for granted these days. I can’t remember when last i had a pimple.

I took a few pics to compare… yes, i have make-up on today (i had a client meeting) … but i don’t wear heavy makeup – you can still see my freckles thru it… but ja, freckles and some pigmentation i can deal with… even the few scars i have on my face are fine – they remind me of how far i’ve come. SOunds cheesy hey?





*this post is not sponsored by anyone, it is merely my own ramblings, and documentary of my personal findings*




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wi3saJune 20th, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Seems that most of us are struggling/have struggled with skin issues. Glad you found something that works… :)

AngelJune 22nd, 2013 at 9:08 pm

Good for you for finding answers for you!

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