Remember the worst day ever?

Remember that day I went to visit my friend with the 4 week old baby?

And, like 7km from her house I happened to look at my dashboard and my temperature gauge was almost all the way at HOT?


And I stopped in the middle of a 4-lane road, and whipped my hazards on? Remember that? And I had to get around the corner to a quiet road to figure it out. I called Peter (who doesn;t know much about cars!) and then i drove round the corner to a petrol station. They opened the water thingy and it was just bubbling and boiling and steam. Remember how I sat there for about an hour while they poured cold water all over the engine, and eventually the temp gauge went back down to halfway. They told me it’d be fine. I phoned my dad and he said it should be fine too.


Remember how I then very gingerly pulled away, watching the dial so carefully… only to see it shoot back up, as I was about 600m away. So I called Peter again. And he came to save me.

except that…

he has never towed someone before. And I hate being towed. Remember how he carefully attached our cars together with this short towrope. You know how, when you are being towed, and your car is on, but not all the way on… and your brakes are all hard, and don’t work so well…. ja.

remember when he was towing me, on the highway, going much faster than I was comfortable with? And that effing truck pulled in front of him? Remember how he slammed on brakes? remember how I tried to slam on brakes? and they were hard and they didn’t work. remember seeing his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car filling up my entire view? In that split second I thought: If I don’t do something, I am going to crash into his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car… and there will be damage to his brand new super shiny, super big, super red, super expensive car, and damage to my car. And probably physical damage on some scale to both him and to me. I have to do *something* So I pulled up the handbrake. And there was a grinding noise. And hooting. And the towrope snapped. And I pulled over and shook like a leaf and cried and shook and cried and shook… His car was fine, he was fine, I was “fine” and my car was… well, i didn’t really know.

remember that?

And remember how he walked towards me, and i was so scared. and i told him i couldn’t do it anymore. i just couldn’t. So we swapped cars. And I drove to the next offramp to the garage to wait for him. Remember how he left his phone in his car, and didn’t have it on him. And how I got the garage, and he didn’t come. and he didn’t come. ….. and he didn’t come. And I couldn’t call him, coz his phone was lying on the seat next to me. Remember all the awful thoughts that ran thru my head? How much could’ve happened between London road and Marlboro road? So much… and he didn’t come.

And then he came!

Remember how I called dad in flat panic saying I was useless and couldn’t do anything. We expected him to come and tow my car home. But he just came to pick me up. Just me. Remember how he hugged me and told me it’ll be ok?

And we left my poor little car at that petrol station overnight and my dad drove me back to his place to drop himself off, so I could take his car. Remember how my mom hugged me. And how I broke down and cried and cried in their kitchen telling them what happened. Remember how dad got all uncomfortable and kept looking at his feet shuffling.

And mom kept telling me “Don’t worry, mommy and daddy will fix it” And I kept thinking “What am I going to do when mommy and daddy aren’t around anymore.” I kept thinking about how, just 5 short weeks ago, my 72 year old dad had a heartattack. and how he had heart surgery (again) and spent a week in hospital. I kept thinking about that. And how I know he is not going to be around for all that much longer. Who is going to fix it then??

And I cried some more.

Then I went home.

5 hours after breaking down, I got home.

And I cried myself to sleep.


THAT was the worst day ever.


remember how my friends suggested i try Outsurance to see if towing was part of my cover? It was.

That next day (after a 9am client meeting, and a 10:15 plumber appointment) I went back to the garage, wondering if I would see my car there. Remember how scared I was. so nauseous. shaking. what if it was gone.

It wasn’t. It was there. 4 tyres, 4 windows, 2 windscreens. All in tact.

Remember that call to the insurance. remember how nice Karl was? I told him i needed a towtruck and he asked what happened and if i was ok. Remember how sweet he was. like he really cared. He took my details and organised me a towtruck. Even the towtruck guy phoned me immediately and made sure i was ok, and told me the truck was on its way. Remember that relief?


remember seeing the truck – with the silver signs on the doors. The driver was so kind and helped me drive my car up the ramp. And off we went. To my mechanic. My little car up on that truck, following me. 24 hours after we had broken down.

And then it was over. as quickly as it happened. I was safe, my car was at the mechanics, and all was well.

I wish I had phoned the insurance right off the bat. But I didn’t. I have never had insurance before, and I have never claimed. It didn’t even occur to me.

But now I know. for next time. please dear god, don’t let there be a next time.


Remember the worst day ever? I wish I didn’t


Oh, PS on my old blog, I blogged about the worst day ever there too – which happened on thursday 4 Feb 2010. I think this day was worse. I cried more. And I haven’t even received the bill yet.




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AngelJune 20th, 2012 at 8:43 pm

I am sorry T… Few things stress me more than a car leaving me standing somewhere. I totally feel your pain! I am glad it was all in one piece and that the tow truck collected it and that it can now get fixed up.

GinaJune 20th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Just a huge big (((((HUG))))))

MeeAJune 21st, 2012 at 9:08 am

Eish. Glad it’s sorted now – and good to know there’s such a thing as a positive experience with OUTsurance. Besides paying our monthly premiums for the past couple of years, my only experience with them has been as being on the receiving end of the demand letter for damages to their client’s motherfucker ugly Mercedes SUV (back when those ugly M class things just came out)…

This post also makes me so very, very, incredibly grateful for the fact that I’m married to a mechanical engineer and will never be in that kind of position.

Big hugs, chicka. Glad you survived it!

alidaonlineJune 21st, 2012 at 9:47 am

So glad everything ended up okay. I’ve never towed or been towed either and the idea freaks me out. I’m not supposed to do anything? Yeah right I’d like you to tell my feet that.

I phone my insurance for everything. If I’m not covered for X then they usually can point me in the right direction to get help. Well done to Outsurance for the great service!

JentyJune 21st, 2012 at 3:43 pm


ChilliJuly 4th, 2012 at 9:38 am

Hah sounds quite stressful, it’s your worst day ever, but not sooo bad lol. Guess it’s all relative…to me the day your dad had a heart attack would be worse….

Anyways all worked out :)

SharonJuly 19th, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I hope I’m on speed dial now? xxx <3

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