#SewingClub – 1

I can’t remember exactly how it all went down, but between Twitter and Tamiya and I – we decided to set up a #SewingClub… Like bookclub, but for sewing… meetup once a month, sew all day. Swap tips, ideas, patterns etc…

Anyway, so we had our first one this month! i was SO EXCITED! Tamiya lent me a pattern of hers which she said was quite easy and had a few techniques that were valuable to know… she sent me the fabric requirements for the bag and I went to buy everything I needed.


I arrived at her place at around 9am, we had a cuppa tea and a muffin, chatted a bit and then got set up. I’ve never worked off a pattern before, so it took me a fair amount of brain power to figure it out… but I am so pleased :)

I didn’t take any pictures during the actual process (was too busy and my phone was giving me crap that day!)…


but the end product is a fully lined denim bag, with a zipped pocket on the inside.



Am so chuffed and will definitely be making another one or two of these!! The lining material is very thin and slippery which made it difficult to work with, i’ll use a more cotton type material next time. I also think I’ll leave off the bow… I’m not a hug fan of bows. the bag has darts, a box pleat and a zip… which i managed to do all of without too many hassles (the zip was the worst, but i think only coz it was sewn onto the lining I struggled with).


Does #SewingClub sound like fun? Well, we have a FB page setup… join us!

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AngelJuly 1st, 2012 at 1:29 pm

I think that is quite spectacularly done for your first pattern!

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