Homemade advent calendar

So, forever ago, I blogged about the advent calendar I made for Peter for Christmas, and I promised to post pics of it after Christmas was done. Well yes. *blush*

I was cleaning out my phone’s memory card and found a ton of photos of things I wanted to blog about and never got round to :) so I’ll type up a bunch and schedule them out over a couple of days :)


Anyway, back to the advent calendar… This is pretty much originally aimed at kids, but since Peter is a giant kid at heart, I figured he would love it! (I originally found it somewhere on Cat’s blog)


1) Buy a plastic tray thingy from Plasticland and separate into the correct number of compartments (there were 23 compartments here, but one was supersize so I divided it in two with a piece of cardboard.

2) if special days/dates are going to have special presents, number the boxes with dates (eg some of mine were “events” like tea and cake at a coffee shop – which had to be done on a weekend)

3) pop all the presents in the holes! (chocolates, little toys, scrolls with fun things to do)

4) cover the bottom (with wrapping paper)

5) design and print (or just draw) the sheet to go ontop… remember to add extra to stick it down around the edges… Also make sure you measure all the blocks properly so the sheet and the little holes underneath line up properly

6) close the lid, whack on a bow… and wait for 1 December!


I will admit, this was a TON of work! and finding 24 tiny little presents for a grown man WAS quite a challenge!! I didn’t want to do chocolate every day. But yes, it looked great, and it was really fun watching him get all excited every morning. hehe! I will also say though, that I really enjoyed making this project! Not sure I will do it again in a hurry… perhaps I’ll save it for those elusive hypothetical kids :P


How cute is this wind up T-rex!?


There you have it! If you DO decide to try it, I have a few tips: well, mainly just one… DO IT EARLY! Like, start it in September or October… finding these presents is WAY trickier than you think!! and assembling the whole thing nicely takes a pretty long time too :)




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phillygirlJune 15th, 2012 at 10:29 am

I LOVE IT! I have done similar sort of things for boyfriends who traveled without me … a little envelope to open each day they’re away (god, where did I find the time, energy or interest?! Haha).

My one question is, it looks like he opened the whole box & saw everything each day? Did that ruin some of the surprise for him? Or does each have a separate lid?

adminJune 15th, 2012 at 10:39 am

i stuck the paper on good and solid, not to the lid, but to the actual box… each date was measured carefully to line up with the box underneath… my original idea was just to poke your finger thru the paper, but he cut each date out super carefully with a pocket knife so he didn’t tear any of the cute little pictures ;)
i know it looks like the paper is stuck to the lid of the box, but it’s not :)

AngelJune 16th, 2012 at 7:43 pm

Its awesome! So well done!

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