Found this Meme on Jenty’s blog originally, and it’s been doing the rounds… thought I’d grab it:


Right now, I am so freaking cold i think my fingers and toes are going to fall off!


I’m currently obsessed with sewing projects! and Draw Something.


Cannot live without my microwaveable beanbag i made a week or so ago. I carry it around with me.


I’m reading The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor (on Alida‘s recommendation)


I’m listening to the microwave defrosting my veggie soup for lunch


Favourite place in Joburg Hmmm, i’m not really sure to be honest :(


Favourite place in SA The KZN South Coast… Banana Beach to be precise. Have been on holiday there twice, and my heart aches for that piece of the country.


Favourite place in the world relaxing on a beach anywhere. I loved Mauritius… But like i said above, my heart aches for the KZN South Coast.


I’ve lived in Centurion (Clubview, Eldoraigne), Johannesburg (Bedforview, Midrand) … and Israel for 4 months.


Next up on my bucket list maybe experience a white Christmas? (bucket list here)


The last thing I crossed of my bucket list A pair of name brand jeans! And I also recently got a sewing machine!


I realized I was an adult when my mom stopped getting up in the middle of the night when I woke up to throw up (Sorry for the TMI, but I throw up a lot for no reason)


I realized I’d never be an adult when I asked for a pink unicorn for my 30th birthday! … and squealed with excitement when I got one!


In the movie of my life, I want to be played by Zooey Deschanel!! Absolutely, no questions asked!!


Best invention since the wheel: Cell phones with internet!!


A house is not a home without a bath!


This week I’m crushing on Bree Sharp


I’m currently working on  tons of stuff, including a new website for a client… hot pink and lime green! yay!


I’m really proud of my pillow I made out of an old shirt of Peter’s! Like, REALLY PROUD!!!


You’d be amazed if I showed you my huge collection of scarves!


I cannot survive winter without microwave beanbag, leggings under jeans, fingerless gloves, a scarf every single day, HotHotHot baths, soup, tea.


Signature dish no clue. Maybe I’ll say homemade pasta… its a fun thing to do with friends.


Guilty pleasure long hot baths, and watching Peter cook dinner from the comfort of the couch (I feel IMMENSE guilt when he cooks and I do nothing!)


When no-one’s looking, I pick. My nails, ingrown hairs, pimples. Ugh, I know.


In my next life I want to be in an all-girl punk rock band. I want to wear fishnet stockings and sneakers and have brightly coloured hair. Or i’d like to be a cat… either or, I’m not fussy :)


Every morning, my lovely husband brings me tea and a rusk in bed <3


I believe that people who physically ENJOY winter are mental.


I’ve really got to work on my posture while sitting at a computer all day. I say that, but I won’t.

Best advice I was ever given  was those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

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AngelJune 11th, 2012 at 9:35 pm

LOL! So I’m mental am I?!

alidaonlineJune 12th, 2012 at 8:22 am

I must admit, this year I was kind of looking forward to winter and started thinking that people that love winter aren’t so bad. Winter is now here and I’m with you on the mental thing (sorry Angel)

How’re you finding the book?

adminJune 12th, 2012 at 9:11 am

I’m not very far into the book – when i get into bed, all i want to do is sleep :p but so far i’m enjoying it! Plan on getting lots of reading done when we’re away in KZN at the end of the month

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