30 trips around the sun

better late than never, huh?

It was my birthday 3 weeks ago, and it was such a beautiful day, I really want to document it here :)

I had an “Open House Open Invitation” for Cupcakes and Champagne at home. I ordered a variety of cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady, and I made a divine choc peanut cheesecake . I had little mini quiches, a selection of teas and coffee and juice for those who didn’t want champagne.


I spent the week prior to my birthday making some bunting in free moments between work. I also made pretty little flags for the cupcakes and food. On the morning, I strung the bunting, set up the tables and decorated with lots of pink roses and gerbera daisies. It really looked lovely.

We stay in a complex, and our house is not the biggest, but it looked perfect :)

Things I learnt from my birthday:

  1. - If the invite says “pop in for a cupcake anytime between 1 and 5pm” – most people will arrive at about 1:30 and stay until 5pm!
  2. - This means there will not be enough chairs for 25-odd people!
  3. - A townhouse garden literally bulges at the seams with that number of people.
  4. - Despite the tight fit, everyone will have a great time if there is enough food and drink and sunshine.
  5. - People will travel far and wide :) I had guests from Pretoria, the south of JHB, Ruimsig area, the East Rand… all trekked to my little house in Midrand.
  6. - The beagles will eat cupcake papers.
  7. - People make themselves at home – which I loved!
  8. - My dad enjoys chatting to “the young people”
  9. - My mom was in awe listening to the young ladies discussing boob jobs! haha!
  10. - Kids will entertain themselves if they have other kids, grass and friendly dogs.
  11. - The people who REALLY matter will make an effort to be there!
  12. - People who cancel at the last minute with lame excuses can bite my (old, wrinkly) ass!

I had a beautiful day, and was immensely spoilt…Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came through to make my 30th birthday so special.



AAAAAAND I got the most awesome present from my lovely husband (hehe – still sound like a chop calling him that!) …

Something I have wanted for as LONG as I can remember!!


so, I got to tick TWO items off my bucket list in one day!

Number 7. Have a party with champagne and cupcakes. With loads of beautiful flowers.

Number 15. Learn to sew. I’ve always always wanted a sewing machine. … well, now I need to LEARN to sew! lol!


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Jeanette VersterMay 19th, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Love the gift from “husband” :) and it was an awesome afternoon

AngelMay 19th, 2012 at 7:27 pm

I had a fabulous afternoon! Your house did indeed look lovely and I just LOVED the stack of presents in the kitchen!

phillygirlMay 21st, 2012 at 10:26 am

Awe, sorry I missed it! Looks & sounds like it was lovely :)

wi3saMay 22nd, 2012 at 10:52 am

It was a lovely afternoon. Thanks for the invite :)

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