Day 14 (Movement), 15 (Technology), 16 (Animals), 17 (Memories)

These photos have been on my camera/phone for a while… pretty swamped with work at the moment!


Right -

Day 14 – Movement:

Oscar loves running around at Walkhaven Dog Park, and my little “mik-en-druk” just can’t keep up with him :)


Day 15 – Technology:

I swear there are more remotes in this house than any other home in the world! (and yes, we have tried the one remote to rule them all thing – it didn’t do the job :p )


Day 16 – Animals:

I love being at the stables… here are a few of the many ponies :)

Jewel, Gully, Clue and Mare


Day 17 – Memories

One of our beagle friends went to the beagle heaven in the sky this week :( Memories of Rebel will remain with us


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AngelFebruary 4th, 2012 at 9:11 am

Aw I’m sorry for your friends’ loss.
I like your photo updates!

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