Bling a ling

sooooooooo… Angel awarded me this blog bling a little while ago! woot :D


the deal, as usual, tell you guys 7 things about myself that I haven’t posted before and should be new to you… and then award it to a bunch of bloggers.


This 7 things about me thing is getting harder as the years go by… so, let me do a themed one… if you will indulge me to ramble about the wedding a little more, here are 7 things about our wedding that you didn’t know:


1 – The flower/decor people were meant to make the parents’ corsages with gerbera daisies, but used roses instead. I didn’t even notice until Michelle pointed it out.
2 – The marriage officer lost our wedding vows I had emailed him, and was going to just make us say some random stuff… luckily I double checked with him a few days before.
3 – The very first time I saw any of my family on my wedding day was when I arrived at the chapel (my dad outside, and the rest of my family I only saw/spoke to after the ceremony).
4 – I had a french pedicure, even though I wore closed shoes… but I really wish I had had hot pink polish on my toes.
5 – Peter left his belt and socks at home. He borrowed his best man’s extra socks, and didn’t wear a belt.
6 – The chestnut ponies who pulled the carriage are called Sugar and Ramble.
7 – “Something Old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue” … I didn’t have something old. Most stuff was new. I borrowed the hoop under my dress from my dressmaker. There was a blue ribbon on my garter – which was a last minute gift from the best man’s wife.


Passing this blog award on… I’m not going to award specific people, as these things go around… so if you would like to do this, please do, and let me know where to find your post :)




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