So, what’s happening?

With this photo meme thing going on, I haven;t really blogged in like forever. Which is probably a good thing. I’m not feeling it.

Life – I’m doing it wrong.

I’m in such a slump at the moment. Work is really really quiet. Which, in a way is good because it is almost year end and time to “shut down” and taking on new projects in December always makes me nervous about tight deadlines. BUT not having much work to do means not much income. And after the last few months, well, my finances are completely depleted. And it’s Christmas time. Which means eating out, dinner parties, presents etc… which are all very hard to do it you don’t have an income. *sigh*

All finance problems aside, I think there is more to this feeling than money alone. Just not quite sure what to do about it. Where to go from here.

But let’s not talk about that stuff.

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off it and keep busy.


  • – I’ve made loose menu plan type things, and been trying to come up with creative healthy lunches. Sheesh, I can NOT believe this is the highlight of my life right now. How lame is that.


  • - I spent a lot of time at the end of November making up a special present for Peter. I found it on Cat’s blog (she makes it for her kids) and I was really really excited to make it. It’s an advent calendar… with all sorts of different items inside… chocolates, little toys, activites for certain days… typing it out sounds a bit silly tho :p

when December is over, I’ll post some pics of the inside of it… it was pretty fun to do (although bloody difficult to think of 24 *small* goodies to put inside, as I didn;t want them all to be chocolates/sweets.).


Hmm, what else…?


  • - Next week I have a TTD shoot booked (part of the wedding photography package) … we’ll be doing it at the stables with all the horses… This was the one thing that got me through all the wedding stress, I’ve been looking forward to this since forever. It was one of the main reasons i had a dress MADE and didn’t rent one.


  • - Harry is just the most adorable creature in the world. I really do love him so!


  • - My latest favourite song is “All my Friends are Insects” by Weezer. (youtube here) It’s such a cute friendly little song.


  • - My riding has taken a bit of a back seat lately… I didn’t ride for about a month before the wedding, and then i was on honeymoon… and it just seems a bit silly to ride properly now, with december holidays coming up… so, I have been riding, just not with terribly much purpose or ambition… maybe that’s why i’m in a slump?


  • - Peter says I need to redo my Snapping Turtle website. I love my website, I think it’s so cool, with the Pantone chart menu :p but ja, I guess it is time for a revamp/rebrand. I hate doing stuff for myself tho!


  • - It feels like the only time I get out is to go to pilates/riding or dinner at my mom every Monday night. And grocery shopping – joy. Getting a bit of cabin fever


  • - We put up the Christmas tree and i made a wreath for our front door this past weekend.


I think that’s it. What a random post of rather miserable points. sorry about that. I’m going to raid the cupboard for chocolate.





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alidaonlineDecember 8th, 2011 at 9:01 am

Here’s my opinion (because you so clearly asked for it): you’ve had a busy year building up to your wedding which is a huge thing. I think that after such a life changing event has passed it’s natural to feel a bit of a slump, anti-climax type of feeling.

Add to that the fact that it’s the end of the year which always brings with it a general feeling of *meh* and I’m not entirely surprised that you aren’t feeling like the head cheerleader the day before a big game.

Take it easy. Don’t be hard on yourself. Ride your pony if you feel like it. Nap when you want to. Relax.

AngelDecember 13th, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Brides often feel at a bit of a loss after planning their weddings for months on end!
I’m with you on the work front, not much work- especially compared to last year- and a festive season with no money… and no car!

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