The Little Mermaid

“Hi, my name is Tanya, and I have “Little Mermaid Issues”

Sheesh, I have been meaning to post this post for ages… Ever since I got back from our Florida Holiday in October last year actually!
When I was a little girl, my very favourite movie of all time was The Little Mermaid. I just loved it! I loved Ariel, and Flounder, and Sebastian and everyone. I loved her treasure cove and all the songs. I knew all the words to the songs, and most of the dialogue too. I had the movie on a video and watched it many times I can’t even begin to tell you.
And then, one dreadful dreadful day…. My dad recorded a rugby match over my video!!!!!
I was distraught :( it really was quite the disaster in my little life.

I never really got over this tragic event in my childhood!

So, last year when we went to Florida, and visited Disney World, I was beyond excited at all The Little Mermaid things! AND I was beside myself at the prospect of actually meeting Ariel! *OMG*
I stood in the queue, along with a sea of 6 year old girls dressed in princess dresses and tiaras to get Ariel’s autograph! At the ripe old age of 28, no child in tow to use as an excuse… I did get a few sideways glances and security did ask if it was “just you ma’am?” when I got to the front of the queue… lol…!
But I did it! I met Ariel, in person!

And let me tell you, she is every bit as beautiful and delightful in real life as she is in the movie! She is friendly and bubbly and innocent! We had a conversation that I will probably remember forever! It went like this:

Ariel: Hello! How are you?

Me: I’m good thanks, how are you?

Ariel: I am wonderful! Where are you from?

Me: From South Africa

Ariel: South Africa! My goodness! That’s a long swim!

Me: *uuuuh *giggles nervously* – hey I’m talking to my childhood fairytale hero, it was overwhelming!

Ariel points to my beagle pendant on my necklace: I love your treasure!

Me: Thank you *smiles*

Ariel: Do you have dogs back home in South Africa?

Me: Yes, I have two.

Ariel: I love dogs. What are your dogs’ names?

Me: I have a Harry and an Oscar

Ariel: Hairy!? *laughs* is he hairy?

Me: *giggles* no, not really

Ariel: Oh, my dog is very hairy

And that was pretty much the sum total of my conversation with the Real Life Ariel who is just gorgeous and a perfect princess. I think I am now finally able to get over the tragic loss of my Little Mermaid video!

* I am waiting for it to be released on BluRay DVD – totally gonna buy it!


Some of my favourite clips:

The Dinglehopper scene:

Les Poissons – Just loved this song – especially the “Les Poisson, Le Poisson, Hee hee hee Haw haw haaaw!!!”
The words are just SO funny!!


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cat@juggling actJuly 27th, 2011 at 12:22 pm

You and the Princess can have a great get together – she is totally into Ariel at the moment (but it does fluctuate – just a few weeks ago it was Belle). She is constantly drawing mermaids etc

adminJuly 27th, 2011 at 1:58 pm

for me, it’s only ever been Ariel! she is my all time favourite!

GinaJuly 27th, 2011 at 11:02 pm

LOVE that you got to meet her and chat to her :)

AngelJuly 28th, 2011 at 4:15 pm

I think that is such a cool movie!

JentyJuly 29th, 2011 at 2:45 pm

OMW I did giggle!

alidaonlineAugust 2nd, 2011 at 2:29 pm

This is just fantastic. I can still sing Under the Sea. One day when I was sick at home (I think I must have been around 10 and on my zillionth case of tonsillitis) I took a pen and paper and pressed play, wrote down a line of the song, pressed play again and so on. It’s carved into my memory.

Now we can ride ponies together, bake chocolate puddings and sing Under the Sea *giggle*

MichelleAugust 12th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

haha cute snoo, love the long swim part :)

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